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March 2021 Newsletter

Updates! Updates! Homeowner Updates!

In true COVID spirit 2021 is getting off to a rocky start for us! Please bear with us as we work through the detail needed to adjust to the changing times!

We know you have questions. Hopefully, this will address most of the pressing ones:

 I haven’t received my assessment bill. Did I miss it? No, you didn’t miss it. They have not been mailed yet. To avoid the expense of a double mailing, we have been holding off on mailing them until we could nail down the annual meeting plans. Your bill should be arriving soon.

How much do I owe and when is it due? Assessments have not changed. They are $125 per lot and will be due this year by May 1st.

How can I pay my bill? If you want to pay now or if you lose your assessment bill please click here and print the form. Submit your payment to the address provided.

When is the annual meeting? We have tentatively scheduled our meeting for April 24th 2021 in the school gym. This will allow us more space for social distancing etc. Check back here as the date approaches for any updates as we may need to adjust depending on COVID restrictions.

We will also be voting on one trustee position at our annual meeting. Michelle is up for re-election and has agreed to run again. That said, we would like to offer the homeowners choices in who represents them. If you are willing to run or know someone who is interested, please reach out to one of the trustees so we can get you on the ballet.

Thank you for your patience.  If you have not received your annual letter and assessment by April 1st please let us know.

Please see the Links Below for PDF copies of this Newsletter and the 2021 Invoice