Greenmar Estates

Friends of Greenmar

Please consider using the local businesses listed below if you are in need of their services.  These are local businesses that have supported our subdivision.  Don’t forget to tell them you live in Greenmar and thank them for their support.

Eats and Treats

  • Trueman’s Place Bar and Grill –   2097 Smizer Station Rd –
  • Poor Richards Bar and Grill – Brookwood Center –  SmizzerMill and Bowles
  • The Corner Butcher, Deli and butcher-  2099 Bentley Plaza Dr  
  • Russell’s Cafe and Bakery – Brookwood Center Smizer Mill and Bowles Ave 
  • The Malt Shop – 1751 Smizer Station Rd

Landscaping and Tree services

  • Kiefer’s Lawn and Landscape   101 Hillview Dr  636-600-9200
  • Jim Bolden  Quality Tree   – 314-791-9219

Hair and Nail services

  • Tina McDonald  (Headliners) 2091 Bentley Plaza – 314-422-2267 

Other services and Businesses